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TeleMed MFM

Luissa Kiprono, DO
Maternal-Fetal Medicine

High Risk Pregnancy Care

Broad Vision Telemedicine Solutions

Provide quality healthcare to the underserved in local communities. 

Eliminate obstacles of travel time and higher provider costs. 

We turn windshield time into patient time, providing coverage to your clinic(s) from one hub location. Patients cared for by TeleMed MFM remain in their home community during pregnancy and delivery.

“I believe the time is here and now to help practices, hospitals, and organizations provide quality high-risk pregnancy care to all patients regardless of geographical location. At TeleMed MFM we envision a world where all women have uniform access to prenatal care to achieve best health outcomes. “

Dr. Luissa Kiprono

Welcome to TeleMed MFM

Answering the increased need and eliminating costly travel time for patients, Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Luissa Kiprono’s vision is to provide for the underserved who lack high-risk pregnancy care close to home. 

In consultations and collaboration with OB/GYNs and other health care providers TeleMed MFM provides early intervention through virtual care for the high-risk pregnant patients. 

Our Promise To You

Provide Needed Access to Care

We've made telemedicine work for high-risk pregnant moms by establishing partnerships in both urban and rural locations that don't have adequate access to high-risk OB clinics. While the mother's physical care remains with their local doctor, we provide the specialized virtual pregnancy management.

We Build Your Visions

Provide local hospitals with MFM support. Reduce Transfers / Increase Local Deliveries / Prevent Delays in Treatment

Home Team Advantage

Telemedicine allows your patients to receive care from our high risk specialists while staying close to home and family, encourages continuity of care and empowers local physicians to care for their patients without transferring them to speciality centers.

Maximize Time and Capabilities of Maternal-Fetal Care

Maternal-Fetal care for today’s generation. Advance equity for patients experiencing high-risk pregnancies.

Access to MFM specialists without transportation cost or loss of time away from local community or family. 

Enhance access and eliminating barriers to prenatal care through Telehealth. 

Words from Our Patients

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