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Since fifth grade, Luissa Kiprono, D.O., MBS, MBA, FACOG, knew she would be a doctor. Although there were many in her elementary school class who also shared that dream, she was the only one who made that dream a reality. Later, her own high-risk pregnancies led Dr. Kiprono to further specialize in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM).

Dr. Kiprono previously served as the Medical Director for practices in Indiana, and most recently in San Antonio, Texas. In December 2020, Dr. Kiprono completed her second master’s degree and now holds a Physician Executive Masters in Business Administration (PE-MBA). A US Air Force veteran and Ironman competitor, she understands challenges and perseverance.

Over her career, Dr. Kiprono has committed herself to providing quality care to women worldwide. When practicing in other countries, Dr. Kiprono says it’s important to keep in mind cultural differences. In many countries she’s visited, the ratio of patients to clinicians is very skewed, often leaving medical staff overwhelmed. Despite the challenges she’s seen, Dr. Kiprono says it’s inspiring to see the theme of quality patient care in every hospital.

“When I was working in Kenya, I visited one of their biggest hospitals where it is not unusual to have large rooms with two to three patients in one bed. There are still many patients who deliver at home because they either don’t have the resources or have to travel extremely long distances to get to the hospital.”

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Telehealth services are expected to remain popular among the younger digital natives, who will raise their children to accept telehealth as the routine way to see a clinician.

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By 2025, more than 43% of the US population is expected to become regular Telehealth users. In many other cases, the use of telehealth is because of need, not just convenience.

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The Telehealth market was evaluated at $49.9 billion in 2019 and has skyrocketed since then. By 2023, the telehealth market is estimated to reach $194.1 billion and an even more impressive $459.8 billion by 2030.

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At TeleMed MFM, we start with the end in mind: the best possible outcome for the pregnancy. You and your baby’s well-being during your pregnancy is our core belief. We wake up every morning looking forward to caring for you with compassion, excellence, and devotion. We strive to help you in your journey so you and your baby achieve the best possible outcome. 

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