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TeleMed MFM

Providing the Foundation for Maternal Care

Telemedicine allows your patients to receive care from our specialists while staying close to home and family, encourages continuity of care and empowers local physicians to care for their patients without transferring them to specialty care centers.

Convenient Healthcare Services

Online Consultations

We turn windshield time into patient time, providing coverage to your clinic(s) from one hub location. Patients cared for by TeleMedMFM remain in their home community during pregnancy and delivery.

Reduce Delays in Treatment

TeleMedMFM prevents delays in treatment and provides better outcomes for moms and babies.

Reach the Underserved

Underserved populations are in both rural and urban settings. Our focus is to provide services wherever the need exists.

Maximize Time and Capabilities of Maternal-Fetal Care

Improve Access to Care

For expectant mothers living in an area without specialized medical care, seeing the fetal experts their babies need can be an extraordinary and expensive burden.

Costly Delays

With Telemed MFM, patients have access to world-class maternal fetal medicine specialists without the burden of time delays or travel expense.

Benefits that you can Promote

By bringing Telemed MFM to your Hospital, our Maternal Fetal Medicine telemedicine programs have the potential to save families time, stress and money, and can decrease the amount of work missed when attending appointments.

Partner for Better Outcomes

Partner with health care groups to form solutions to improve health care access.

Access to Maternal-Fetal Medicine Expert

Overcome the shortage of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists.

Eliminate Road Blocks

Provide access to MFM specialists without transportation cost or loss of time away from local community or family.

Future is Now

By 2025, more than 43% of the US population is expected to become regular Telehealth users.

Telehealth Evaluation

The Telehealth market was evaluated at $49.9 billion in 2019 and has skyrocketed since then. By 2023, the telehealth market is estimated to reach $194.1 billion and an even more impressive $459.8 billion by 2030.

Telehealth Age Groups

Telehealth services are expected to remain popular among the younger digital natives, who will raise their children to accept telehealth as a routine way to see a clinician. In many other cases, the use of telehealth is because of need, not just convenience.


E-TECHEmploying seamless Telemedicine / connecting superior medical Experience / Caring for you close to home/ with care and Humanity.

No Boundaries

Anytime, anywhere through our TeleMed MFM consulting services we work with the local hospitals and their OB teams to provide inpatient consultations, giving support to local practices who need additional specialist coverage for their outpatient clinics. 

Telemed MFM Telehealth Adaption 

Telehealth has proven to be a reliable substitute for in-person care. Telehealth statistics show that telehealth services are here to stay.

Maternal Health

Dr. Kiprono provides proven leadership and positive outcomes.

Collaborative Working Solutions

Forming partnerships with organization to increase patient access and financial stability. 

Using Best Methods and Solutions

Telemed MFM has experience in providing excellent Maternal Care through Telehealth that is proven and effective. 

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